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My chief want in life is someone who shall make me do what I CAN.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson
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About Jill Marie

I believe all of us are born on this earth with a special gift to share...

My keynote, "Ear Awakening Story," reveals how I lost my hearing at age four, due to a high fever with the German Measles.

What is interesting was that I was not aware of this deficit until I turned 24. Before then, I instinctively relied upon body language, facial expressions, tone of voice and energy to understand what was being said. I uniquely found my way "in" to the hearing world, yet nobody really knew... not even myself!

In second grade, my parents tried fitting me with a large, behind-the-ear Zenith hearing aid. Little did they know back then that the quality of a hearing aid was similar to a microphone that turned up the volume of all noise, not just the voice range. In addition, the hearing aid was placed into my left ear, which was muffled and was unable to help me attain "clarify of words."

Instead of helping me hear, the loud noise cause me great pain. It actually hurt my ears! Before the trial period ended, I gave the useless hearing apparatus back to my parents and denounced that I would never wear it again. I continued on as if nothing happened, for I still had no clue of what I was really missing...

Gifted Healer ___________________

At age 12, I had my first clairaudience experience (psychic hearing)
- while I was massaging the back of a young man, which became cofirmed when I learned he later died in a motorcycle accident.. Throughout my earlier years, I had been "tuning in" to people's physical, emotional and spiritual issues all my life.

Massage came natural to me, I was able to find everyone's "spots" and had the strength to go INto the pain and transform it. My natural talent was undoubtedly a "gift" passed down through my mother's genes.

In 1980, I studied all things related to the healing arts and personal development. Specifically, I studied naturopathy, nutrition, somatic psychotherapy, Chinese Medicine, Iridology, Phoenix Rising Yoga, NLP, BioKinesiology, Haikomi, Alchemical Hypnotherapy, Massage, Acupressure, Chi Nei Tsang, Tantra, Somatic Sex Education and more. Along with my 1000 hr massage certification (awarded in 1988 at age 20), I spent more than 10K hours in formal training and life study!

Then I realized I was hearing impaired. Before I began training for massage therapy, my children's father talked me into getting my ears checked. So I did... and I was in awe! I finally realized why I was so different than all my peers!

I received two new analogue hearing aids, a considerable upgrade to the ones I was fitted to in second grade, and...

My life completely changed. This marked a new phase in my life, beginning with the two years it took afterwards to learn how to listen to WORDS.

Shortly thereafter, I had an amazing discovery:

People's words do not always match
what their body is saying!

In 1988, I opened my first fulltime private practice in Evergreen, Colorado. I spent the next 20+ years as a single mom busy in private practice in Colorado... In that time, I had been blessed to have literally helped several thousand clients become more authentically aligned and congruent in their Mind, Body and Relationships.

Attracting My Beloved

In all the years in private practice as a natural healer, shaman and coach, I carried a different perspective on the meaning and purpose of "love and relationships." In my 40's, I observed that not only was I a muse and mentor for my clients, I was also a muse / mentor for my lovers. I knew it was time to call in my true beloved...

Three months prior to my 49th birthday, I met my beloved life partner... first in a dream, then, in person. We became married thirteen full moons later at my parent's home in southern California. After the wedding, we said our goodbye's to our children in Colorado, and spent our honeymoon driving up along the West Coast until we settled in Silicon Valley.

In two years, I reopened my private practice, and founded/organized three meetup groups - two for women's only, and one co-ed group called the AUTHENTIC LOVE CLUB.

I facilitate seminars, workshops and retreats for men and women seeking a new mindbody makeover in their life and relationships...

As of recent, I working on the completion of two books:: Gender Alchemy; Demystifying The Magic of Sexual Chemistry

I look forward to sharing and learning more with you!


:-) Jill Marie

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Spining Yin/Yang
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