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The information and services on this website are not intended to replace medical, psychological or pathalogical treatment.
If you have
an emotional, mental or physical concern, we highly recommend you contact a trained healthcare professional.

Jill Marie offers Dating & Relationship Coaching & Body-Centered Personal Development Consultations via phone and in-person.
Hands-on MindBody Integration sessions are only available in-person.

Branding Design Muse services include Branding, Content Development, Logo & Web Site Design, Power Point Presentations, Image Development.

About JM

"Jill Marie has the gift of giving everyone she comes in touch with the feeling that she cares and that they are special in some way." -- Robert Kilbourn, Medical Professional

"You simply cannot spend time around Jill Marie without being profoundly affected by her wisdom. She will open your eyes to new perspectives that will completely change your life. In her presence, I have become more self-aware, genuine and caring; perceiving and interacting with people very differently than ever before. I overcame thoughts and belief patterns that were not serving me and gained healthier insights about myself, others and the world. I am eternally grateful for Jill Marie, for she has helped me become a happier, more conscious, peaceful, confident and authentic person. Thank you, Jill Marie!" -- Mike Paulick, Entrepreneur

"Jill Marie Hungerford has been a wonderful asset to my overall plan for health. She has an intuitive sense of how mind, body, and spirit interact together. She then utilizes this knowledge to prescribe effective, specific programs tailored to each individual. I recommend Jill Marie as a professional that can offer a natural approach to optimum well-being for anyone, regardless of their goals." -- Geoff Hyatt, Case Logic

"I walked into Jill Marie's office feeling anxious, frightened and in need of healing. I found a beautiful woman; intuitive, intelligent, free and whole. I guess if you believe in the process, life does have its lasting moments of magic!" -- T.N., Third World Medical Practitioner

"Jill Marie is an incredibly rare person who helped us to accurately see what it was that we ignored or feared in our marriage… allowing us to break free from limiting patterns and to make conscious choices in our relationship." -- Eric & Kelly Flannagan

" ...I have explored over 37 therapists across the Front Range and by far, Jill Marie is one of the best! She is a master at deep core work and in getting right to the problem areas. Her total mind-body approach lends itself to a more thorough evaluation of where my issues and concerns are, and provides her with a map to correct and ease my discomfort more effectively in many areas of my life. I highly recommend Jill Marie to anyone that really expects a noticeable difference in their lives, even after one session." -- Ralph Simmons, Entrepreneur

"When Jill first touched my chest, I felt as though she was deeply touching my heart. She became a key source of inspiration in helping me become more of WHO I AM. It is wonderful knowing that people like Jill Marie do exist!" -- Teri L. Lewis, Executive Secretary

"I was surprised and amazed that the intense work done in our session had such quick and beneficial results. Jill Marie was extremely thorough in her approach, technique and delivery of work. I am a person who tends to internalize a lot of my tension and stress and Jill Marie really targeted my severe problems and I was able to find immediate relief with new realizations and an effective program I can follow with confidence." -- Lisa Tilley, Manager

"I have finally found a someone who knows right where to go and isn't afraid to "dig in" both physically and emotionally!" -- Bonnie Ballantyne, Business Consultant

"When I first met Jill Marie, I became instantly inspired by her beautiful smile and intrigued with her deep, penetrating green eyes. Somehow I was not surprised to learn she is a multi-talented intuitive healer and creative muse...

"I discovered her sessions to be very invitorating! Her style is authentic and inspiring, her work quite transformational. Her mindful, attention-to-detail, non-judgmental approach makes me feel clearly heard and understood. She is unafraid to touch upon the most sensitive areas, the places I had experienced the most fear about my self and my business. I look forward to her insightful sessions, knowing that I will walk away each time with more awareness, more motivatation and the inspiration I need to keep moving forward.

"I believe I have found a true, professional friend to help me become the best I can be in both my personal and professional life...

"Here's one special secret I can share with you about this beautiful Muse: while she's great on the phone, she's even better in person. And at the end of each session, she will give you this incredible, loving "bear hug" that will completely energize and make you feel amazing - as if you just got a full body massage in one minute! It makes me wonder, how can someone so petite, be so strong and powerful? I must confess, it's one of the things that keeps bringing me back." -- Brian Taylor, Solopreneur

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