Thank you for visiting my Branding Design Services page. This is only a temporary location to help you view my current (growing) graphic design portfolio. But before we go there, let me tell you about....

My Graphic Artist Story:
I began drawing realistic ink sketches at a very young age. While in high school,I surprised my peers by drawing nudes from the live clothed models in class.

I was quite good at it... In fact, one gentleman offered me $500 for one of my nudes displayed (in a conference room) in the local bank. That was big money back then for a high school student and budding artist!

In addition to drawing realistic-styled classic nudes in charcoal, I also sketched incredible wildlife portraits in pastel and in scratchboard.

After graduating high school, I landed a job as the primary graphic design/layout artist at Minuteman Press, which pretty much lit the fire for my passion in Graphic Design.

Thereafter, I authored, published, printed and distributed a monthly newsletter for my family, which evolved into a public newsletter - sponsored by advertisers and distributed across several states, with small subscriber base. Again, this was quite the accomplishment at that young age and before computers!

In 1982, I co-founded a graphic design t-shirt company in Estes Park, Colorado, called Earth Prints, where we sold wildlife designs I created and printed on t-shirts in a store and via national catalogue (which I also designed and published). The EarthPrints sign I painted and hung outside the building was superb!

During 80's, I created a large number of graphic design projects, including logos, business cards, brochures. Again - all manually.

In the 90's, I basically focused more on my fulltime private practice. Come the new millennium, along with running Rocky Mountain Mobile Massage LLC, where I contracted on-call massage therapists to service local visitors... I also founded, edited and published the Alive & Well! Magazine. This 32-page full-color, quarterly publication had 8,000 copies distributed across Colorado's Front Range. The magazine was completely supported by its 32+ advertisers and great articles about people who turned their creative talents and passions into profits.

Due to family matters, I was forced to place this thriving publication on sabbatical. In the last issue, however, I announced the beginnings of The Revelle Nation - a fun "trade economy" concept and website I created for a boyfriend of mine. This was the first official website I had ever designed, and it was looking pretty sharp, if I might add. The logo was quite interesting, as well!

After that I designed and published several websites:, and - all of which later transmorphed into

In the middle of all that, I had graphic clients! So...finally, here is a small portfolio of business cards and logos I created in the more recent years.... just click on the link below.

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